From the Yondr bag to get-togethers, 7 tips to break your family out of the technology rut (and keep your sanity)

dr don and carrie on diane sawyer reporting

Therapists Don and Carrie Cole of the renowned Gottman Institute offered tips on managing screen time with teenagers in the home.

Parents around the country are increasingly concerned with how screentime may be affecting their children’s health and well-being. Diane Sawyer will host a special report on Friday, May 3rd, at 8 PM on ABC addressing this topic. In her new special “ScreenTime: Diane Sawyer Reporting,” she’ll discuss the effects of children’s and teenager’s increased use of technology as well as provide suggestions on how parents can create a healthy high-tech life balance.

In the show, Dr. Don and Carrie Cole will provide their expert advice and tips to help families strengthen their bonds.

Quick Tips on How to Control Screentime for Children and Teenagers

To prepare for the show, ABC published an article with seven tips on how to keep the family bond healthy by encouraging face-to-face time. Dr. Don and Carrie know that abruptly attempting to limit or put a stop to bad habits can create chaos within the family dynamic, so they’ve suggested these tips:

  • Discuss screentime with the entire family
  • Agree on some simple things
  • Find ways to use social media positively
  • Start over if the discussion takes an adverse turn
  • If an agreement is broken, discuss the consequences ahead of time

Read more about Dr. Don’s and Carrie’s tips for controlling screentime in the full article.

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