Living as God’s Family:

A Program for Strengthening Congregations and Their Leaders

Congregational conflict is a well-recognized reality. Relational psychologies such as Family Systems Theory have often been mined to provide insight into the dynamics of these conflicts. These ideas and the programs that have developed from them have certainly provided help to many congregations and leaders. John Gottman’s research into the nature of intimate relationships goes beyond family systems and offers new valuable insights into the way we relate to each other in our congregations. Living as God’s Family, based on Gottman’s research, is an exciting, intense workshop designed to increase cohesion, friendship, positive feelings, conflict management skills and unity of purpose within our congregations.

Living as God’s Family does not promote any particular theology or doctrine. It is appropriate for congregations of all denominations or faith groups. The program was written by Don Cole, D. Min., an ordained pastor and licensed therapist, and coauthored by his wife Carrie Cole M.Ed. also a licensed therapist. Both Don and Carrie have been trained and certified in Gottman Method Therapy by the Gottman Institute of Seattle.

Living as God’s Family is a 12 hour seminar which can be offered to members of congregations in a variety of formats.

NOTE TO CLERGY: The workshops Gottman Level 1: Bridging The Couple Chasm and Gottman Level 2: Assessment, Intervention & Co-Morbidities are for you too. Many pastors have benefited greatly from these educational experiences.

Premarital Counseling is available for your couples looking to get their marriage off to the right start. If we can assist you in your work of helping couples prepare for successful marriage, please give us a call. See our Services page for more information. Premarital Workshops are also available to congregations.

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