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From the Yondr bag to get-togethers, 7 tips to break your family out of the technology rut (and keep your sanity)

Parents around the country are increasingly concerned with how screentime may be affecting their children’s health and well-being. Diane Sawyer will host a special report on Friday, May 3rd, at 8 PM on ABC addressing this topic. In her new special “ScreenTime: Diane Sawyer Reporting,” she’ll discuss the effects of children’s and teenager’s increased use […]

Introducing the Sound Relationship House

While the Gottman method utilizes several checklists and questionnaires to assess a couple’s relationship, these tools are inadequate to completely describe a couple’s friendship and health of the relationship. For this purpose, Dr. Gottman developed the Sound Relationship House. The Sound Relationship House consists of seven levels, each designed to have its own impact. The […]

Blended Family Holidays

Life in a blended family can be hectic at best. Add the holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and it can ramp up to unbridled chaos! So many activities, so many decisions! And often, a lot of pressure felt to make things perfect for the kids and extended family. When to open presents? One […]

Is Your Family Overscheduled?

You love your kids and want to see them develop as well rounded and adjusted adults. You want them to be able to cope with the demands and stresses of adult life, make the sound decisions, have the right social and coping skills, and be able to create their own happiness and fulfillment.

New Year’s Love Check-In

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we all turn to one another for a kiss and we celebrate. But New Year’s Eve rarely goes by without most of us taking stock of how the year has been, and thinking about what we hope the new year will be.

Rituals: A Bowl of Comfort Food for the Couple

As far back as 20,000 BC, people began making soup. Of course with limited resources and ingredients, it was not a hardy bowl of your modern day chicken, noodles, vegetables, and delicious spices. It was not until the 1700s when immigrants began contributing their own ingredients and spices that the originally simple broth we called […]